Pullman High School Booster Club Minutes
Meeting called to order - October 7, 2105
7:00 PHS Library

Attendance:    Tami Vik,  Joe Thornton, Jenn Baisley, Tina Imler,  Jeannine Rembert,  Kristi Tatershall, Claudia Mickas, Val Cillay, Danielle Kallaher, Karen Bruno Bittle, Allie Cofer, Maya Petrino, Laura Tingstad, Ed Tingstad, Bill Moos, Kendra Moos, Phil Honeywell, Chris Franklin, Daisy Ward, Amy Tull, Becky Walker, Sheryl Bashaw, Lucie Arrell.

Approval of  Minutes:  Minutes from the September 2nd, 2015  meeting were approved.

Guests:  none.

New Business:  “Burger Bash” for home Football games.  There has been confusion between the Booster committee and some parents who had been asked by Chris Franklin to grill burgers before the home football games.  It was decided after much discussion that the Boosters will supply the burgers.  The football parents will organize volunteers to grill and work the Burger Bash.  The Burger Bash will be from 6:00-7:00 before each home game.   Danielle will communicate to the local radio stations to advertise.  Tina will provide a cash box for the event. 

There was also a question raised as to whether we needed to have food handler’s permits for all volunteers who might grill the burgers.  The question of having food handler’s permits for all concession volunteers was then discussed.  Tina will speak to a friend in Colfax who works for the Whitman County Health department to see what we need to do.  For now we will operate our concessions as normal. 

Grants:  the following grants were submitted and are approved:
1. BOYS SOCCER (DOUG WINCHELL)-$1400 for 24 Zip jackets and 24 woven pants.  45 athletes.
2. GIRLS SOCCER (DOUG WINCHELL)-$1000 for 24 jackets and 24 pants.
3. GIRLS BASKETBALL (DAVID COFER)-$1500 for uniforms. 30 athletes.
4. CROSS COUNTRY (JODI WINCHELL)-$1500 for meet entries. 60 athletes.

Concessions:  popping popcorn created smoke in the concessions area so we will continue to buy bagged popcorn to sell. 

PHS Gear Report:  ordered new gear.  Sparkle t-shirts are here.

Student Recognition:  Ryan Tattershall and Maddi Mueller are October students of the Month.

Christmas Trees:  Jen reported for Kristi Kurle. Sales will start the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Wrestling will unload the truck.
Online Auction

Booster Auction:  Tickets are on sale at Pullmanhighboosters.org.  Auction meetings are every Tuesday.  Daisy’s dad has a friend who has a winery.  Money can be made by crushing grapes if interested.

Principal’s  Report:  Homecoming is coming up-lots of activities planned.  Erin Willey is the new Spirit Club advisor.  She would love parental involvement if anyone is interested.  

Activity Report: 2 swimmers qualified for State.  Spirit days are next week.  Homecoming shirts are on sale.  New coaches are being hired.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45
Next meeting:  November 4th at 7:00 PM.