What Are the Pullman High School Boosters? 

  • Are your kids in high school now and too busy for you?

  • Do you have FOMO since you can no longer volunteer in the classroom?

  • The Greyhound Booster Committee is Pullman High School’s version of a PTA or PTSA, combined with a traditional sports booster club.

Friends, we've got you covered! The PHS Booster Committee has some open positions. All you need is a desire to help and a willingness to learn. We will train and support you and set you up for success.

Working with the Boosters is fun and rewarding and it's a great chance to be involved and show your support. We are looking to fill the following positions for 2018-19:

President (in training) - This candidate will train with the current Co-Presidents during the 2018-19 school year to learn the policies and procedures of the PHS Booster Committee.

Treasurer (in training) - This candidate will train with the current Treasurer during the 2018-19 school year to learn financial protocol of the PHS Booster Committee

Concessions Coordinator(s)  - This candidate will work alongside the Concessions Inventory Chair and the Presidents to make sure that concessions is staffed and ready to operate for each football, volleyball and basketball game. You are not required to be at every game, you just have to make sure the games are staffed appropriately

Responsibility/time commitment varies by position. If you might be interested or have questions about any of the available positions, please contact us via email or find us on Facebook.

Amy Tull
Becky Walker

It is a committee rather than a club, as all the funds raised are channeled through the Pullman Education Foundation. It is, therefore, a committee of the Foundation.

Booster Meetings are the first Wednesday of each month
7:00pm in Conference Room in the office.
NEXT MEETING: December 5th

For Booster Grant Application - CLICK HERE