What is the Pullman Greyhound Booster Committee?

OUR GOAL: To provide funding and support of PHS student activities, clubs, and groups.

The Greyhound Booster Committee is Pullman High School’s version of a PTA or PTSA, combined with a traditional sports booster club.

It is a committee rather than a club, as all the funds raised are channeled through the Pullman Education Foundation. It is, therefore, a committee of the Foundation.

Grant Application Available HERE

The goal of the Greyhound Booster Committee is to provide funding and support of PHS student activities, clubs, and groups.

Examples of past grants; helmets & pads (Football), timer bars (Math Team), laser measuring equipment (Track & Field), electronics (Imagine Tomorrow), dumb bell sets & software (Weight Lifting), portable keyboard (Drama Club), ball machine (Girl's Tennis), travel costs (DECA, Key Club, VICA), power rack (Swimming), PA equipment (Choir), equine supplies (FFA).

This is a small sample of the work that we do, and the grants we provide, to help in making our Greyhounds look good and get more from their high school experience.



2018-19 PHS Booster Club Executive Board

Co-Presidents - Becky Walker & Amy Tull  
Treasurer - Lucie Arrell
Secretary - Edie Talbot

Committees and Committee Chairs, 2018-19

Membership - Danielle Kallaher & Tricia Benton
Concessions - Amy Tull
Greyhound Gear - Sharon Robinson
PEF Liaison - Becky Walker
Senior Party - Elizabeth Martin
Student of the Month Program - Becky Walker
Web & Publicity - Phil Honeywell

Pullman High School Administration

Principal (Interim) - Justin Pollestad - (509) 332-1551
Asst. Principal for Student Activities & Athletics - Chris Franklin - (509) 332-1551